Russia Finally Speaks on Space X, Rogozin Cries at Competition

rogkazakOur Dear Friend and all around Russian Bad Guy, Dmitry Rogozin speaks on Space X, and he isn’t happy. Why? Dmitry runs the Russian Space industry, and he knows that as the US embarks on private sector solutions to public extraterrestrial problems, then Russia’s space program will be left in the dust.

Rogozin is no stranger to causing a ruckus in the space field. In 2014, a US judge temporarily lifted the purchase ban on Russian made RD-180 rocket engines. The ban was put in place because they feared the money would end up in Rogozin’s pocket. However, it was lifted to reinvigorate the American-Russian joint space endeavor. Ironically enough, when the ban was lifted, Rogozin responded by advocating the ban of sales on the RD-180. His concerns were that it would end up as US military technology to be used against Russia.roga

The guy isn’t only drunk on power, he is also drunk on paranoia, which may qualify him as President, whenever Putin decides on the appearance of fairness again, *cough* Medvedev *cough*.

How the Russian program stays together in the first place is beyond us, but we do know Rogozin cracks the whips.


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