Summary of President Obama’s Counter-ISIL Strategy Speech

On Sunday night, December 6th, President Obama addressed the nation. In his speech to the nation, Obama laid out his strategy to counter ISIL.

Here is the DT’s Summary of the Speech:

1. Use military to hunt down terrorist leaders, heavy weapons, oil tankers, and infrastructure, as well as utilizing ally contributions.
2. Train and equip forces hostile towards IS. Use SF to lead ground fight.
3. Non-kinetic warfare. Disrupt operations, finances, and recruitment of IS. Use international intelligence cooperation, assist internal defense and development programs of regional allies, and engage violent ideology in cyberspace.
4. Work with the international community to establish benchmarks of effectiveness.

1. Avoid falling into protracted counter-insurgency.
2. Avoid appearance of America vs Islam, as IS does not represent Islam, despite most terrorist being Muslims, as most victims of terrorism are Muslims.
3. Do not alienate Muslim communities, instead, enlist their help to confront extremist ideology by speaking out against violence, promoting religious tolerance.

1. Supported by US military commanders and counterterrorism experts
2. Coalition is 65 countries strong.
3. Working with both parties of Congress to pass legislation.
4. Strategy of airstrikes, SF, and internal development is path to victory.
5. IC and LEOs can’t and won’t always stop incidents.

1. Convince Congress to pass bill restricting gun ownership of individuals on a no-fly list.
2. Institute more barriers to own firearms.
3. Advocate and institute stricter screening processes for those without a visa and/ or to warzones.
4. Authorization of the continued use of military force against IS.

Executive Action:
1. DHS to review waiver program.
2. Urge LE leaders to invest in high-tech tools to identify terrorists

Here is a link to the transcript of the speech:


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