Why the hell does the Kremlin care about surfing?

So there I was getting my normal Facebook dosage, and then I saw something out of the ordinary:

sputnik peahi jaws

So then I went out to enjoy an evening of skateboarding. When I got back to take my second dosage of Facebook for the day, I noticed that Sputnik posted another Facebook status about the recent swell that came through Hawaii.

sputnik peahi jaws russian propaganda

Not that I don’t mind Sputnik covering surfing, but as calculated as they are in the media department, especially with cut backs, I can’t understand why they are wasting their time covering surfing. One would figure their economy or war of aggression in Ukraine. The only connection I see between Hawaii and Russia is Edward Snowden. Is this some sort of new cultural diplomacy outreach?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Given Russias aggressive cyber campaign there was not a chance in hell was going to click on those links!

To stay up to date with the latest in the surfing world, please refer to the Facebook accounts of these reputable sources:

World Surf League – WSL is the premier world surf contest series.
Surfline – Surfline is a website that provides surf reports, forecast, with surfcams!
Surfer Magazine – The oldest surf magazine out there.
Stab Magazine – Stab Mag has been around for a little while, and also has great coverage.


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