Will Pabst Brewing Co. Help Pay for Russia’s Incursion into Ukraine?

In response to swirling rumors, Lone Star Beer has taken a half-assed offensive (in a defensive posture) to fight rumors of the Russians taking over the beloved National Beer of Texas.


The link http://bit.ly/pabstnypost ( redirects you this New York Post article: http://nypost.com/2014/09/20/pabst-not-moving-to-russia/

At this point, it would be wise of me to point out that Lone Star Beer is owned by Pabst Brewing Co. Pabst also has 29 other brands which support its revenue stream.

On 18 September, It was announced that Pabst was being sold to the Russian Company, Oasis Beverage and TSG Consumer Partners.

As news traveled through the internet, reactions were varied. However, what wasn’t anticipated was how big the backlash would be, especially in Texas. Calls for boycotting the Pabst Brand, especially Lone Star Beer, were loud and sustaining. (Hence the Offensive maneuver in a defensive posture).

The Facebook posting by Lone Star Beer, is an acknowledgement by the company that it knows of their optics problem, and that they face economic repercussions, if they don’t try to get in front of it.

While the article does its best to dispel the rumors of Russian subversion,

“The more precise truth, according to people close to the deal, is that majority ownership and control of Pabst is going not to Oasis but to its chairman, an American beer entrepreneur named Eugene Kashper.

According to a written statement this week, Kashper will become CEO of Pabst, which will keep its corporate headquarters in Los Angeles.”

… it does not answer all of the questions that might make that case.
Question 1:
If Lone Star is owned by Pabst, and Pabst is owned by Oasis, and Oasis is a company based out of the shady business sanctuary of Cyprus, then will any of money made by Pabst and its brands be taxed by the Russian government and be used to fund Russia’s military action the Ukraine, Georgia, or any other old Soviet satellite states?5817583

Theoretically, profits would trickle up to the umbrella company (Oasis), and the company would have to pay part of that out to whatever nation it’s in because taxation is just part of the game. Which in that case, the answer would be, yes, but not directly. Which, if true, is awkward because that would mean Oasis Beverages also fuels the fire for Ukraine to protect itself against Russian aggression. However, according to the article,

“Reached by The Post on Friday afternoon, Kashper declined to discuss specifics of the Pabst deal, including how ownership of the iconic US brand will be structured. Sources said details are still being finalized.”

So who knows? Not me, I didn’t stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night.

Question 2:
Does Kashper love the country that gave him a refuge from tyranny and an education, or does he long for home and only care about money?

The article goes out of its way to assure the reader that Pabst is an American brand, and also noted that CEO Eugene Kashper is “very concerned about being viewed as Russian” in light of the “recent political climate”.

The article helps point to two facts that make you feel that he is a true American:
1) His parents were Jews who fled the USSR to the USA in 1976, and that he has lived in a couple places around the US, where he then fled to the Eastern Bloc in 1992 to build a beer company empire.
2) He said, “Pabst Blue Ribbon is the quintessential American brand — it represents individualism, egalitarianism, and freedom of expression — all the things that make this country great”.

On the first fact, I can’t help but think of a man named George Soros.BeckSoros He was a the son of Jewish parents, but was separated from his family at a young age. He was taken in by a NAZI collaborator, and went around with that collaborator to help round up Jews, serve them papers, and steal their property. You would think one’s familial history would always be a trump card, but sometimes it isn’t. To add to that, it was hard for Westerners to get into the market in the old Soviet States, even the oligarchs were getting exiled. The oligarchs asked George Soros for help, but he refused, only to bring Putin into power. So I am a bit surprised of Kashper’s abilities to succeed in that market and during those times.

On the second fact, if Kashper knows what this country stands for then he knows that the United States of America was founded in the taverns of Colonial America by those who used their freedom of speech to break the clutch of a tyrant, right? I’m sure a couple well placed ads, especially in Texas, would help reinforce that shared understanding. Even better, co-ordinate those ads with ones in Russia and Ukraine.

So to answer the question, maybe. Talk may be cheap. Who knows?
In conclusion, Pabst may have turned into a front organization, maybe not. We won’t know till we watch their actions. However, if they fail to take the lead and jump out in the middle of this, then I’m sure their competitors could easily crush them like a beer can. The ease of their competitors to make trouble out of this so that Oasis loses market space is too easy. Maybe Pabst needs more ghost written articles?



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