AdHoc Fourthoughts on the Ukraine

Now isn’t the time to say, I told you so. We still got a long week ahead of us. We can get to those statements next week. Until then, here are a couple of things to dwell on…


1. Don’t give up the fight. We know what this is heading towards. We know that “The attempts at reorganization that have been made in recent years were basically superficial and cosmetic.” If they can take it now, it doesn’t mean they should keep it. It was not theirs to begin with.

2. A good defense is a good offense. The shield should be brought to front burner. We should do something special for the 31st anniversary of the SDI.

3. Cost of action. Raise it. We have many ways to do it and make them hurt for occupying Crimea.

4. Reinforce the homeland, many of the propaganda themes have been identified targets, direction of flow in the information pipeline, and contents of the information pipeline. we have also found many of our weakness in this AO. I recommend a well furnished auxiliary reaction force to help cover gaps in information sharing.


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