Ted Cruz, Cannabis, Public Diplomacy, and the Kitchen Sink

Texas Senator, Ted Cruz’s bowl is getting torched for his hypocritical statements regarding the legalization of cannabis.index

The internet news site, Raw Story published an article about  Senator Cruz’s comments concerning the Obama Administration’s  handling of cannabis.  From Cruz’s speech, three points can be made to summarize his viewpoint:

  • Until cannabis is legal, people with it should be treated as criminals and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
  •  The President didn’t change the law, but decided not to enforce it.
  • If POTUS wants it legalized, then he should talk to Congress about it.

What the hell is this guy saying?!

A call for prohibition, is a call for government’s most tyrannical imposition that it can place on a good. Meaning, the government has mandated that they can control the means of production, through the use of inculcating fear into the population, in order to, suppress the idea of ever using said good.

hemp GWExcuse me, my esteemed Senator, but that is directly in opposition to what you said to get elected! You bashed socialism and the tyrannies of big government in your campaign. Now you are calling for the most tyrannical restrictions that can be placed on a good.

Surely, the Senator was mistaken somewhere, but where?

Separation of Powers

It seems as if the good Senator has forgotten the organization and functions of government. The President can’t change the law, that is Congress’ job.  So why make that point? Why point to his function as the executive, and not the House AND the Senate’s role as policy NORMLmakers? Congress, including you, Mr. Cruz,  get their (your) marching orders from, WE THE PEOPLE, not the President of the United States. Matter of fact, WE THE PEOPLE, have been trying to tell all you deaf bastards in Congress to do something about it for decades, without any conversation from you.

As for POTUS, not enforcing the laws of Congress, he sees it. The state made a decision, he acknowledges it. Obama-potThus, he is giving way to the State’s right. Adding to that understanding, public opinion polls indicate that more than half of the country want to see it legalized.  Let’s wrap another layer of reasoning, separation of powers to maintain balance of power.  Just like we learned in elementary school!

Somehow, this guy, who wants to protect the Constitution, feels that it is best to hold statutory and regulatory law above constitutional law.  Mr. Cruz, where in the Constitution does it also say that it okay to make one of God’s designs?

Somewhere, in all of this, I should be tying this to some sort of national security issue that concerns some sort of public diplomacy/ IR/ security type of argument.

The Big Picture

Well, let’s look at the bigger picture for a moment. We will place aside the lambasting of Senator Cruz for the time being, and focus on the public diplomacy/ security issues when it comes to explaining this policy to the world at large.

Public diplomacy, brace yourself  you pd definition whores, is the act of a government explaining itself and its policy to a foreign publics, in order to, massage a better diplomatic relation into the hearts and minds of those foreign publics. All countries do it to some degree, so it’s not a purely US practice.

With that understanding in mind, I pose these questions:

  • How does a public diplomacy officer explain to a world of religious people that somehow the US government knows better than God?
  • How does a public diplomacy officer explain to a world of people who want to be free from an overbearing government that it is okay to ruin the lives of people who consume a particular plant?
  • How does a public diplomacy officer explain to a world full of people that don’t want to see violence and crime that as a result of your policies you have given rise to extreme violence and organized crime?

These are some tough questions, even tougher is explaining the very real national security threats, which must be addressed, if cannabis policy were to change.

Security Climate

mexico-drug-wars-headless-bodiesIn the United States, “legalization” and explanation are a challenge themselves, but compared to the international security situation that surrounds the issue, those tasks are walks in the park. Drug cartels, terror organizations, and arms dealers still need to be held accountable for their crimes against humanity. The people behind the mass killings, beheadings, kidnappings, bombings, etc. need to be brought to justice.

How many people have connected the dots and can see that Mexican drug cartels working with terror organizations, Russian viktor-bout-hmed-9ahmediumarms dealers supplying arms to communist rebel groups (who sell drugs and guns to fund their insurgency), or cartels spreading into the US and taking over neighborhoods as legitimate threats to the country that will not just go away after policy changes? While drugs are part of the problem, in the end, it is those who choose to conduct such heinous atrocities that are the problem. Somehow, this part of the argument is always a void when people speak of cannabis reform.

Former President of Mexico, Vicente Fox and US billionaire, Jamen Shively have an agenda to take cannabis worldwide. Aside from the obvious economic benefits, they also say legalization will reduce crime. My Former President of Mexico Fox talks during a news conference next to marijuana entrepreneur and CEO of Diego Pellicer Inc. Shively in Seattle, Washingtonquestions for them are: What are the DETAILS of the shifts in the security climate? What is going to be done to correct wrong doings and provide justice?

It will be foolish to think that cartels will just turn themselves in, or our ideological enemies will just give up the fight with one wave of the magical US policy stick, but it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be waved. Legalization could very well be a great means of counter economic warfare. imagesHowever, that means the banks would have to be allowed to process their transactions, an action which they aren’t very willing to take at this time. This also has caused much stress on dispensary owners, but at least one of them has started to alleviate those stress by accepting Bitcoins.


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