When keeping it real goes wrong, Rand Paul


Rand Paul undermined the crap out of Obama’s National Address with his own  scripted “reaction”. It is bad enough that I have been watching his minions post inadvertent pro-Putin propaganda as a means of attacking the President Obama’s character, but to hear that Rand Paul say Putin out-maneuvered Obama, come on! I got to call this some hypocritical bullshit! If anything, Rand Paul is playing into the hands of the Russians.

pooty-paulian propaganda

Rand Paul at that very moment became a propaganda piece for the Russian Premier, Vladimir Putin.
When Rand Paul made allegations that we would use al Qaeda for allies in the conflict with Asssad, he completely undermined the Pro-Democracy and  Christian forces in Syria. Instead, he opted to further his agenda by enhancing the image and credibility of Putin, rather than discuss how we can better form relations with ideological aligning forces. If Rand Paul truly stood for freedom, then he should want to Assad gone ASAP!

This isn’t the first time Rand Paul has shown favoritism towards the Russians either . He once blew off having a larger audience on Meet the Press to go on Russia Today. Maybe it is a case of father like father, like son? Remember when the Kremlin funded Russia Today video host, Adam Kokesh supported Ron Paul’s failed presidential campaign? Koskesh temporarily lost his job when the reports of the Kremlin aiding in the financing of a presidential campaign began to break.  Why would the Russians favor Paul? Because of his foreign policy, the same policy that his son follows, which calls for bringing home everything that protects our economy and well being and hunker down like the damn North Koreans so our enemies can run over the entire Earth.



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