Summer Salutation

Reflection seemed to be the unintended theme of this trip. I have chosen three photos, which I took,  that sum the trip up nicely.

As I left Florida, I saw this iridescent cloud. It reminded me that beyond the storm is a mechanism of beauty that creates a function out of seemingly chaotic times.



On July 4th, I awoke to take this picture of the first light of the 237th Anniversary of our beloved country. This image reminds me that although brighter times are a head, we must maintain our balance during those dark times to enjoy the full light of day.



This last photo was taken at one of my refuges in Hawaii. This picture serves as a reminder, life is what you make of it .  I found the pot of end of the rainbow, and it was in my backyard.


What does any of this have to do with international relations, information, influence, or public diplomacy? Almost nothing, except that, we must understand and remember why we choose to fight the battles we choose. For me, it’s to protect and share the things that I value in life. God, Country, and Family.


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