Back to the World Bank…

img from: World Bank Blog

For those that don’t know DT, DT has a collection of experience and education in individual and macro finance, geopolitics, lifestyle cultures, and social movements. So to see 5 Tips on Starting a Social Movement, a blog post by World Bank President Jim Yong Kim, was a bit of a cool insight into the mind of the Dr. Kim on a subject that is about using social movements to Develop Tomorrow.

I don’t think Dr. Kim is absolutely clear in his approach for anybody who wanted to start a movement (be it business, social, or social business), but it is good. I have a similar but different way to do it. It is a 10 step process to do such a thing. Here:

The first four steps will determine the level of obtainment and success given one’s comprehension of understanding.

1) Find your shape – What shapes you: experiences, hobbies, surrounding environment, understanding, desires, and constraints?

2) Build a cause or industry around your shape – What can enrich experiences, grow hobbies, better surrounding environments, increase understandings, achieve desires, and dissolve constraints)

3) Make a plan to grow that shape into greater dimensions – Identify the step process to make your interest (dream) your cause (livelihood).

4) Recon the materials needed for growth – How much money is needed, what key people are needed to complete the project, what tools will be used, what are the procedural necessaries, what permissions are required?

Steps five through seven are steps that will provide for your structure (be it business, social, or social business) to be built into the market.  Experiences, efficient  designs and processes, and experts are key in this range of steps.

5) Get the materials – Establish timelines, scopes, scales, necessary structures and functions

6) Distribute materials – Procedures, permissions, money, and tools to key people given operational guidance

7) Make the infrastructure – Managed by key people

Steps eight through ten are about sustainability, stability, and growth. These factors ultimately determine the causes longevity. These steps are what produce your change and builds your movement.

8) Promote the industry/ cause – Increase awareness of the entity and its touch/ impact on the community

9) Protect the industry/ cause – Intelligence- advancements, setbacks, and possibilities; strategic communication- inter and intra, cohesiveness- resolving disputes

10) Grow the lifestyle – Develop and innovate upon responsibilities and opportunities


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