Lets take a short walk down memory lane…

Remember back in the Subversives and Hostile Propaganda posting when we watched the KGB video about the use of active measures and domestic terrorism? (BTW, the videos were taken down recently for infringement reasons; I wonder which one of you flagged it? Haha!)

Well there have been two recent events that have started raising questions on that old post in today’s applicability and application.

#1 Remember that Bill Ayers (the domestic terrorist of the Weather Underground) said he didn’t regret conducting terrorism in the U.S.?

Well Russia Today has been running quotes of him on their webpage and social media outlets about the foreign policy the U.S. ought to take towards Iran. It is no surprise that Ayres is supporting Iran, when it is clearly not in the interest of stability or U.S. policy. Quick blurb, it is interesting that Iran like Ayres also gets their revolutionary charge from the Russians.  Don’t think that Ayres still doesn’t have ending capitalism on his mind because he will tell you he does! Here is an example of his willingness and tactics.
#2 Remember when member of the U.S. Congress labeled Wikileaks were called terrorists? Well it appears Wikileaks has retaliated. Operational opportunely speaking they can just be getting started on the information leveraging campaign, if they decide to continue to push more into deception and coercion. It is interesting to note that the same methods of their tactical approach appears in the posting of the James Jatras research string of a questionable webpage article from the Washington Post in the Psychological Operations in the Information Age posting. (See the comment section). The folks at the Foreign Policy Magazine, seem to play this off as a prank rather than see it for what it is, an active measure. Is really any wonder that RT gave Wikileaks Founder a press outlet?
Going back to those $35 Indian Tablets and using them for Public Diplomacy efforts

DT’s (and others!) expectations are once again starting to reflect the realization of such an initiative.  E-Books have outsold print books on Amazon and the State Department has a developed an e-reader initiative that works inline wit Amazon.

“the State Department would spend $2.29 million in the first year of the program, including a purchase of 2,500 Kindles, and the maximum cost of the program over five years would be $16.5 million, including a maximum of 7,000 Kindles per year. As I reported last week, the potential program’s non-device costs are substantial but we don’t know yet which e-books will be preloaded on the Kindles.” – PaidContent.org

Where DT differs from the State Department’s decision is when it comes to pricing for lower tech enabled tablets. If India can make a $35 tablet, why can’t we? We can reach more people if we spend less per person, right?!


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