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This book should be required for all IR students.





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  1. […] The attackers knew the locations of these outposts. They knew exactly what they were attacking.  This not only shows premeditation. It shows a failure to recognize the threat and per-emptively deal with it.  The Daily Beast reported that members of the guard staff were asked not work that day. While CNSnews reported that members of that staff were members of the February 17 Brigade. For those that don’t know, the February 17 Brigade has friends and like-minded acquaintances in the radical group, ansar al Sharia, who is now being held responsible for the attack, despite their saying it was them. Speaking of double talk, did anybody else notice the spat between The Muslim Brotherhood and State on Twitter during these times? Going back to that Daily Times article, it was also reported that the “protestors” decided to attack that day because their was already chaos out and about in the Arab/ Muslim world. This would conclude that the video was a catalyst rather than the root cause of the attack. If one were to think tactically about it, a mass protest is the way to do it because it provides a cover, of sorts. I can not help but look at this situation and think about Low Intensity Propaganda (LIP) as written about FBI Special Agent, Steven Baker in the book, Strateg… […]

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