Re: Afghanistan and $35 Indian Tablets

Why should I write about it when you can be a part of the discussion?

From:World Bank

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Thursday, December 8 1:00 pm EST (18:00 GMT or get your time) The Aakash, India’s new low-cost educational tablet was launched in October 2011 by Indian Minister for Human Resource Development, Kapil Sibal.  The Aakash has been described by supporters as heralding a new ‘Internet revolution’ within Indian education, with the potential to be as revolutionary for educational computing as the mobile phone has been for personal communications.

Today, Suneet Singh Tuli, the CEO of DataWind will talk about the Aakash and how this product can live up to its vision of becoming an all-in-one device for poor families.  He’ll answer questions about what role (if any) government should play and if the Aakash can replicate the iPad success story.

Watch, join and follow the fascinating discussion via the liveblog or twitter with hashtag #OpenDTA or #WBLive

Sorry for the last minute update, it starts in 10 minutes.


EDIT – For those who missed it. The presentation can be viewed here.


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