Gaddafi dead or captured… (edit- Gaddafi is confirmed dead)

Before the staff at DT could roll out of bed this morning, the emails came rolling in… Gaddafi is thought to be dead or captured in his hometown of Sirte, Libya.

The Libyans having formed the Transitional National Council (TNC) will have a lot of work to do now that the glory days of the armed revolution is in its final hours. Libya’s intellectual elite will have to create the proper policy measures and build the proper institutions to insure proper reform takes place. Policy and institutional reforms will not should stop here. Security concerns for the Libyan people are still present. The TNC should adopt a pro-Libya narrative that drives a wedge between all forms of tyranny and clearly stating freedom is the Libyan way. This will help legitimize the new government at home and on the world stage.

The video below is a piece of Pro-Gaddafi propaganda… perhaps the roots of the new Libyan narrative can take on the evolution of progress as seen in this video. The Western forces should also adopt some sort of narrative that can dispel  some of the claims in this video (if they truthfully can). If these claims are making their way around Western social media, the rumors are surely circulating around the Libyan streets.  Dispelling these claims early will be key to keep a lasting positive image with the rise of new powers in Libya.


Check out the Preface and Introduction to Dismantling Tyranny: Transitioning Beyond Totalitarian Regimes.  I find it fairly relevant, the similarities are not the exact same, but it makes for a good mold to start with. If you like the book, buy it here.


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