Will Return When I am Here

Developing Tomorrow is back in the laboratory working on some new perspectives to bring about stability and prosperity for all. Due to the out of the box nature of DT’s research and analysis methods, readers can expect a bit of a delay in posting activities due to multiple ongoing projects.  In the mean time, DT will provide links to interesting news stories and press releases.


“…the wise general in his deliberations must consider both favourable and unfavourable factors. By taking into account the favourable factors, he makes his plan feasible; by taking into account the unfavourable he may resolve difficulties.”Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Topics in process to appear in no particular order of future postings:
A Flip of the COIN: An assessment of David Kilcullen

Cultural Diplomacy: Why is it important in the War of Ideas?

Warriors on Wheels: The Natural Diplomats of the Streets and Guerrilla warfare

Drugs, the Founding Fathers,  Corruption, Hypocrisy, $40b/ yr Police State, and International Terrorism.

Messages in American Pop-culture: The double edge sword of combating hostile messages in a Free Society

Concerning Questions: The Counter Counter Insurgency Manual

Economics 2.0, the Information Age, and Developing Countries

Afghanistan and $35 Indian Tablets

Measures of Social Networks


“We have not answered your questions. In fact, your questions have spawned other questions which we are unable to answer. The result is that we are confused, but we believe we are confused at a higher level and that we are confused about more important things than we were before you asked your question. Therefore… We thank you.” – Author Unknown, (DT’s  understanding the document that contains this quote came off the desk of some rocket scientist type from NASA)


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