Subversives and Hostile Propaganda

An Ageless Practice

Sun Tzu spoke of protracted warfare, spies, and rumors to wear down ones opponent in The Art of War. We can see that this 2,500 year old tactic is still used today. Al Qaida’s strategy of “death by a thousand cuts” have nearly the same desired effect that Vladislov Bittman’s claim, in the video above, about the effective use of the aggregate effect of multiple and repetitious active measures to wear down ones foe. Both  examples illustrate the use protracted warfare, spies, and rumors. More active measure-like activity against the US, which are comparable to the Soviet’s use of rumors to draw a hostile response against the US, is most telling when one looks at the Soviet’s planting of a rumor about  CIA backing the 1979 attack on a very holy Sunni mosque in Saudi Arabia (see the first video of this entry at about 19:30 into it) and Iran’s use of rumor about CIA and Mossad being behind the al Askari mosque bombing in 2006; when in reality, al Qaida blew up it up as a means to sew a sectarian feud to gain power in Iraq. This was event was also used in coordination with other forms of low intensity propaganda brought out by al Qaeda, which you can read in Strategic Information. We can see from earlier post that al Qaeda uses deception as a regular tool in their evil bag of tricks. They are not the only ones. The use of deception is on the rise. The rise of websites like Wikileaks are finding themselves to be transmission belts of deception as the real danger of Wikileaks has begun to surface in Pakistan. The future must contain the truth, without it we will destroy each other out of mistrust and deception.

Enemy propaganda can be very dangerous. It can dupe one into laying down their arms to become subject to another’s will. Even worse, it can turn uninformed/misinformed citizens into hostile subversives. The next couple videos will illustrate just how that happens.

DT has seen a pattern that appears to contain a lot of parallels between the COMINTERN methodology and the methodology of groups like al Qaida, Hezbollah, and the Islamic Republic of Iran, each of whom pose a strategic threat to global and regional stability.

The Tools of Deception

The following video series discusses KGB operations in the United States. The first, second, and fifth video tend to be the most appropriate for this entry. Links are given for part three and part four.

[Edit]- This video series, amongst other sources from other posts were removed by a shadowy entity. If you would like to know how to watch it by other means, then you must contact me, or get creative.

Part 1: Cuban Connection – Espionage and Spy Network

Popular revolutions or a populous played like trumpet? Note the use of the Weather Underground  by the Russians through the Cubans. Their connections to other groups like the Black Panthers will prove to be a problematic disconnect that still exist today.

Part 2: Terrorism at Home – Weather Underground

Part 3: Russian Spy Rings in America – Illegals

Part 4: Portrait of a Spy

Part 5: Deception Game – Disinformation and Espionage

More on this Yuri Bezmenov character in a bit…


More on Soviet Active Measures

These videos provide a good amount of knowledge about the tools of deception. These specific videos focus on the Soviets use of active measures.

This next video is an interview with KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov. Yuri provides a unique insight into these active measures. This information combined with the information provided by former FBI special agent Dr. Cleon Skousen’s book, The Naked Communist seems to lay out what was (still is?) the road map for communist active measures against the United States. The importance of the video can be found in the illustration of the approach and counter approach to ideological long wars. These understanding also help form the philosophy behind their approach.



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