Gleaning Yesterday to Better Today and Develop Tomorrow

While there are quite a few differences between the threats posed by the Communist International and threats that are posed in the Global War on Terror, there are some common traits among the two. The biggest similarity is that they are both wars that stem from ideas. Another major similarity is the approach to warfare hostile forces take in an asymmetrical match up against the resource and skills rich forces of the United States. Third, the handling of such forces has not changed for the most part. The battle space has changed to some degree and some new approaches have been adopted, but for the most part the goals and objectives remain the same. On defensive ground, the United States must keep preventing attacks against the homeland,  its allies, and its interests. On the offensive side, we must take the fight to the enemy and destroy his will to fight.

To destroy the enemies will to fight, we must attack our enemies’ hearts and minds before they get to the battlefield. Through these means we find the craft of strategic communication. Within strategic communication consists a sub-field called psychological operations, now called military information support operations  (MISO).

The list of embedded videos below provide a general illustration of what MISO consists of and why they are important. These videos will take us through the Cold War conflicts up to operations going on today. Viewers should take note on all methods of information collection, information production, and information dissemination. These methods will help later in providing context to solutions outside of and/or mixing with military affairs.

Cold War


The 90’s.






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